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eCommerce and IT Management Maciej Szymański

About me

My name is Maciek Szymański. And I am a humanist in the world of IT, Telecommunications and eCommerce. I am proud of the fact that the humanities education allows me to think abstractly and connect seemingly unrelated threads. Years spent in telecoms allowed me to gain knowledge about the processes and the way various IT environments operate. Today I am a manager with over two decades of experience in implementing eCommerce platforms, CRM, products and projects, and digital transformations.

I started modestly, with computerization of the local editorial office. Then it was time for TV projects. And finally the first telecom – Idea Centertel, known today as Orange. Later, I moved to Krakow to develop portal solutions for mobile telephony with Volantis Systems Ltd.. Later, there was Netia, and from 2008 to 2021 Plus – where I worked as Multi Access Portal Program Manager and mCommerce manager responsible for the sale of applications and services. In January 2022. I started a new chapter in my professional life in a market that has fascinated me with its dynamics and potential for a long time. I am an eCommerce Manager at BAT – the largest network of building depots in Pomerania.

porrtret kwadrat

AIM is the GOAL. And I have been helping corporations and small businesses achieve their goals on the Internet for over 20 years.

  • Are you planning to launch an Online Store and do not know how to start? I will develop a strategy for you, help you set goals, choose and implement the platform. Regardless of whether you are looking for an Enterprise class solution or your startup budget is … 0.
  • Do you feel that your company is lagging behind the market and that new technologies are a threat to you? They do not have to be. I will help you identify threats to your business and develop a strategy that will turn these threats into opportunities to enter new markets and generate new revenue streams.
  • Do you have an idea for a new service / implementation of a new product? For over two decades I have been implementing products and services for the largest telecommunications companies – I know how to develop a Business Case, P&L, how to sell a product at the level of company management boards and Venture Capital, but also how to implement and manage a product throughout its life cycle.
  • Or maybe You are looking for an experienced Project Manager? OK – tell me what project you want to implement, we will decide whether we will implement it using the Waterfall or Agile method. And let’s do it.