Who have I worked and work for?


BAT Sp. z o.o.

From January 2022. I took the position of eCommerce Manager in BAT company (shareholder of Polskie Sklady Budowlane). My task is to implement and develop eCommerce platforms in this company and to support the digitization process.



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Youth Business Poland (mentoring)

In December 2021. I started my adventure as a mentor at Youth Business Poland – a foundation supporting young businesses in Poland.

My profile at YBP webpage.

Youth Business Poland

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Grupa Polsat Plus

From 2008 to 2021 I worked for Plus – initially as the Program Manager of the Portals and eCommerce program. After its completion, I took up mCommerce – selling applications, services and the so-called content. I had the pleasure to participate in the implementation and commercialization of music services (TIDAL, PlusMusic, Czasoumilacz, Navigation Plus, Internet Protection), navigation, anti-virus and selfservice applications. I ran these services throughout the product life cycle, from the idea phase to the settlement with P&L. I worked with my team to develop market entry, marketing and communication strategies.

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Another large area is the implementation of payment solutions (thanks to PSD2) and access solutions that allow adding to the telephone bill a fee for any electronic services and payment transactions. Over the years I have been developing, among others

  • Direct Carrier Billing
  • Google Play
  • Windows Store
  • SkyCash
And many others.
Examples of my projects:
Muzodajnia.pl / Plus Music
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I joined Netia in 2007. at a turning point for the company. The company changed its strategy and opened itself to B2C customers. Similarly to Orange – also as an eSales Manager, I designed and implemented the End 2 End process that allows you to collect an order for internet products (Mainly BSA, i.e. BitStream Access).
The second project that I was developing was Netia On-line, i.e. a selfcare for B2C clients that enables activation and checking the status of services.


Netia Online

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Volantis Systems Ltd.

It’s only been 5 years since the 2001 Snowbird Agile Manifesto was announced, when I found myself in the most amazing company in my entire career to date. The guests divided the work into Sprints, planned them in advance and delivered a significant increment to my products every few weeks. So in 2006, when most of today’s Scrum Masters were sweating over the multiplication table, I was working in Scrum as a Product Owner and creating User Stories.

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Since then, I have been an ardent advocate of Agile. I try to promote and propose it wherever the organization shows a shadow of a chance for understanding and willingness to use this approach in its work. I have special esteem for Kanban – the perfect working tool for business teams!

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Orange Poland (IDEA Centertel)

When I started working at Orange (then under the Idea brand), I started designing user interfaces. In 2002. few people knew what Usability and User Experience are. Even fewer people knew how to design GUI for mobile devices. In the days of Nokia 3310 and the emerging color displays, it was not easy. The result of these experiences were two stores with content for mobile phones – Świat Idei and later Orange World. I remind you that the Google store appeared later.

kreacja otylia

The second project was the implementation and development of eCommerce. Here, too, there was work that required breaking new paths – no one had implemented the End to End version of the telecommunications contract sales process before – that is, from selecting a telephone number on the website, through logistics services, to full activation. After this project, no eCommerce is too complicated or complex anymore. I ended my adventure with Orange with the implementation of eCommerce for B2B.


Business Television (Polsat 2)

An example of how the idea is ahead of its time and available technology. We have implemented a tool for interactive television program building combining a video stream with a data stream. In addition, it allowed the program to be sent over the Internet. Only … there was no such fast Internet then. In addition to managing this project, I was also the publisher and head of the editorial office where such famous journalists as Beata Tadla or Marcin Zaborski began their careers.